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Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software


Dispute on Legal Issues Surrounding Free Software Intensifies

By Dr. Axel Metzger and Dr. Till Jaeger
The controversy over legal problems surrounding Free Software has been stirred further by two new statements. Within a few day's time both a legal opinion by Professor of Law Gerald Spindler of German University of Goettingen for the German Software Association "Verband der Softwareindustrie Deutschlands e. V.", or VSI, as well as a paper written by Paris Professor of Law Christophe Caron in the most important French law journal Dalloz (Dalloz 2003, issue no. 23, p. 1556) have been published. Mr Spindler's study is to be found at the center of interest, accompanied by widespread press coverage. » Weiter

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