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Institute for Legal Questions on Free and Open Source Software


Versata saga settled with prejudice

By: Sylvia F. Jakob

After reaching the final stages, the Versata saga, a ray of hope for the judicial interpretation of certain GPL v. 2 provisions, has ultimately been settled outwith court.


Versata Software Inc. prepared the ground for what may be regarded a set of landmark cases concerning the interpretation and consequences of the breach of certain GPL v. 2 conditions, when it sued Ameriprise Financial Services for allegedly violating a Master License Agreement (MLA) over the use of Versata´s Distribution Channel Management software (DCM). On Versata´s account Ameriprise had allowed third party contractors to use their access to the DCM software to create a competitive product.

The parties pit their strength against each other in what has become known as: » Weiter

The Versata case: Third party beneficiary able to bring infringement claim of copyleft obligation in state court

Author: Sylvia F. Jakob

In Versata  the  court held  that a claim of a third party beneficiary, who wished to compel a software producer to license derivative works of  GPL software under the GPL, was not preempted by the Copyright Act.

Background » Weiter

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