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Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software


What is ‚open‘? – Version 2 of the Open Definition of the Open Knowledge Foundation published

What is ‘open’? This might seem like a theoretical question, but it is not. While the term ‘open’ is widely used, it can have very different interpretations, depending on the context. Especially in the Open Source and Free Software community, this has led to huge debates in the past.

The latest news item in this regard is the publication of version 2 of the Open Definition by the Open Knowledge Foundation. » Weiter

FOSS or not? - source and license auditing project for TrueCrypt disk encryption software

By: Florian Idelberger

TrueCrypt, a major open source project that is widely used and of a very special nature due to its use for encrypting data, has, compared to other big projects, received relatively little scrutiny so far. The "istruecryptauditedyet" project aims to change that. » Weiter

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